Flourish Awards

preview-lightbox-AwardThank you for taking the time to recognize a female leader in your corporate, civic and entrepreneurial community who exemplifies FLOURISHING.




The FLOURISH™ AWARD recognizes one female executive and one female entrepreneur who embodies the following characteristics:

  • She has achieved extraordinary professional success, and is recognized as a leader in her field and/or industry
  • She is committed to community and civic engagement – and is recognized for making a difference in the lives of others
  • She is a strong advocate for women and girls, and seeks to create opportunities for others to thrive
  •  She is a consummate leader – a powerful influencer. A visionary, who is collaborative, creative, resourceful and effective
  • Although her professional and civic bona fides are outstanding, she is also known for her building deep, engaged and meaningful relationships with family and friends – because those who flourish do so in their whole lives.
FLOURISH Emerging Leader of the Year embodies the following characteristics:
  • She is age 14-19 and is still in junior high or high school
  • She is making a difference in her community and the world through her talent, ingenuity, self-love, self-awareness and a giving spirit
  • She is entrepreneurial and has, through a business, volunteer work or activism, found a unique way to make a profound difference in the world
  • She is a future leader who deserves, through her work, passion and innovation to be supported by our community of women leaders


Award Nominations