Flourish Foundation


Inspired Strategies. In Business and in Life.

Flourish Foundation is a charitable organization which exists to assist women entrepreneurs, emerging women professionals, and girls age 14-19 to achieve success. Our network of business and civic leaders throughout the U.S. and the world share a mission of providing exemplary leadership development programs, business and career training and coaching offerings these women and girls would not otherwise have available to them.

While we know that women own 30% of all businesses in the U.S., and these 9.4 million enterprises generate $1.5 trillion in revenues, only 2% surpass $1 million in revenue per year.[i] We also know that women only lead 5.2% of Fortune 500 companies, although companies with women in senior leadership (including CEO) outperform competitors by up to 26%[ii].

The Flourish Foundation will ensure the legacy to positively transform the lives of 10,000 women by 2020 includes women and girls who would not otherwise have access to Flourish and other exemplary leadership development offerings.

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Flourish Foundation serves the following three applicants to our scholarships:

Women Entrepreneurs with high potential business models, but which lack sufficient cash flow and/or capacity to invest in leadership development programs and business coaching programs to grow their businesses to scale.

Emerging Women Professionals who are identified as future leaders, but who are not afforded leadership development dollars through their organizations.

Girls (14-19 Years) who also have been identified as future leaders, but who would not otherwise have access to leadership development training.


Research shows immersive learning is highly effective. The goal of Flourish is to immerse participants in an extraordinary experiential learning. A proven best practice.

The mission of Flourish is to create a global community of women executives and entrepreneurs who flourish, and as they do, they will change the world – with direct and immediate impact on themselves, their organizations, communities and families.

[i] https://www.nwbc.gov/facts/women-owned-businesses

[ii] http://www.catalyst.org/system/files/why_diversity_matters_catalyst_0.pdf