It’s Almost Mother’s Day and Mom Needs a New Bra

Funny as it may sound, giving mom a bra for Mother’s Day can fulfill a need that too often falls off her radar. For a working mom who is taking care of everyone else; kids, spouse, the job, the one thing that gets neglected is herself; specifically her undergarments. Consider PINK’s CFO Alicia Michaels who hasn’t bought a new bra since she nursed her baby. And guess what? That baby turns three on May 14. “It just hasn’t been a priority,” says Michaels.

Researchers from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and Michigan State University found working mothers spent 10.5 more hours every week multitasking than dads; specifically on chores like making dinner, washing clothes, catching up on office work while helping children with homework.

This data is definitely accurate when comparing itself with working moms like Michaels, who don’t place themselves as a priority, or for that matter, their need for bra shopping doesn’t even make it onto the to-do list.  She admits to needing a new bra but can’t seem to find the time or impetus to actually go shopping for a new bra. “This is a chance to take time out for yourself, reduce your stress, prioritize yourself and spend some much-needed “me” time,” says INTIMACY Atlanta store manager, Molly Hauge.

INTIMACY is known as the bra fit stylists. Their expert stylists are extensively trained to find every woman the perfect fit by matching their unique body and style to premium lingerie collections. We think of their fittings as a day to pamper yourself: A day to spend some quality “you” time and indulge in oh-so-pretty lingerie that will fit your body and style perfectly. Aside from the pampering, we love that they carry more than 90 sizes, which range from A to K cup.

“You deserve it mom. You need to take care of herself so you can take care of everyone else,” adds Hauge who often sees moms like Michaels who haven’t been re-fit after having children or nursing in years. Besides, she says a new bra can make any woman feel beautiful. When you slip that new bra on and look at yourself in the mirror, you reclaim a part of yourself – not just as an employee or a mom, but as a woman.

And still in time for Mother’s Day, until May 10th, all INTIMACY stores will provide 15 percent off on all nightwear, including Le Chat, Hanky Panky, Jonquil and more.

But what about those old bras that just don’t fit anymore? Feel guilty about tossing them out? If so, you can donate them to the Free The Girls. Just bring your used bras to the INTIMACY booth at PINK’s June 4th event in Atlanta or drop them off at any of the 16 INTIMACY locations across the USA. Free The Girls is a nonprofit organization that gives gently used bras to survivors of sex trafficking to sell in the communities in order to make a living.

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