It's Never Too Late to Have the Life You Want: 5 Tips to Escape Everyday Boredom

Every day it’s the same routine. You wake up at the same time, make the same breakfast, make the same drive, perform the same job, have the same lunch, make the same drive home, cook the same dinners, check the same social media pages over and over, watch the same shows and have the same conversations with your spouse and kids.

Every day, it’s the same routine, over and over and over.

Why do you think movies and television shows are so popular and even social media? It’s an escape into someone else’s life — that just might be more fun than your own.

This is why I love to travel; it’s an adventure into the unknown — from the people, food, language and museums — it fuels me like nothing else. I’ll never forget being with Dave in Venice, Italy. Our flight was incredibly late and the transportation we scheduled was unable to pick us up from the airport. Instead, we had to hire a boat driver — and he picked us up in a traditional Venetian wooden boat, handed down from one generation to the other. It was the middle of the night, he was flying over the water and we were terrified because it was pitch black! Arriving in the town square, it was close to midnight and the fog was just settling onto the ground. From a distance we heard the sounds of an orchestra… moving closer we realized it was a battle of the bands each hoping to attract customers, even as the clock struck twelve. It was dark, foggy, the music was intoxicating and we quickly found ourselves sitting down with a bottle of champagne amidst what seemed a dream. Oh how I love the feeling of the unknown.

I’ll never forget this adventure and at times I wonder, “Was it real?” Yet the best things in life can’t be planned. You must make room for spontaneity, fun and adventure in your life lest die of boredom. Consider your spouse for a moment — if you’re bored, don’t you think he is? When is the last time you packed a bag and ran away for the weekend or even a night? How long has it been since you put on a pair of heels or bright red lipstick on? Can you remember the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Ah, just the thought of doing something different must intrigue you. Not sure where to start or how to break out of the same routine? Give one of the following ideas a try and spark a fresh start where you feel alive!

1. Learn something new. Attempt to learn a new language, instrument or start a new hobby. It won’t be easy but it will revive you! When I turned 40, I vowed that I would learn to be a great cook. There was no way I was going to the grave in shame — so I began my journey and close to five years later, I must say that I’m on my way. It’s never too late to learn something new.

2. Change your shoes. As crazy as it seems something as simple as changing the daily tennis shoe or flat for a stack shoe or heel can immediately change the way you feel and put a little spring in your step. You will feel more playful, pretty and alive — and people will comment which will make you feel good.

3. Fall in love. Make an effort to connect with your husband or longtime partner as if starting all over. I know, it seems impossible — but it’s not! Schedule a weekend get-away, a weekly date night (and wear those heels!), bring a journal and create dreams together (yes this is sexy), pick a hobby, like biking or longboarding and learn together how to master it. Create an emotional connection and the physical will quickly follow — and it won’t be a chore because you will feel attracted to your spouse!

4. Mix up your routine. Rebel against performing the same routine every day. Purposely go out of your way to drive a different route, play music rather than talking on the phone and turn off the AC and put your windows down. One daily change to an ordinary routine can do wonders for your spirit!

5. Infuse laughter. As a society, we are so serious that we’ve literally forgotten how to have fun. Set the stage by doing things that will foster laughter such as playing a family game after dinner, dancing with the kids to music while cleaning or cooking or playing tag or kickball with your kids outside. Laughter is the ultimate remedy for a ho-hum day.

There are so many things you can do to combat boredom in your life but the single most important piece of advice I can give you is to do something different! While you may be a creature of habit and despise change, it’s the one thing that can and will set you free.

Consider doing something different in the next hour — planned dinner already? What if you surprised the kids and changed the menu from pasta to pancakes with sprinkles and whipped cream? How do you think they would respond?

Always take a shower at night? Take a bubble bath instead and be sure to light yummy smelling candles!

Watch your favorite television shows before bed? Pull a book off the shelf that you haven’t yet read and dive under the covers and into the lives of your characters instead.

Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you prisoner to boredom. Open your eyes, look around, take risks and dive into a delicious, interesting life. Want more ideas? Get Your Girl Back: Revisit What’s Possible for Your Life is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Or, download a FREE Get Your Girl Back Dream Journal at and begin a new adventure!

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